Create a new group

Creating and editing groups is simple! The image on the left below shows a new group that we will create as part of this tutorial.

Start by choosing the groups tab at the bottom of the screen. Next, select "Add Group" at the top right. A pop-up menu will appear with all of the basic information about your group. 

Begin by choosing a name for your group and a color theme. Next, optionally select meeting days and times for the group. This function will work best if your groups meet on the same days and times each week. When creating a group, you can also optionally select the Reading Level for the group. Don't worry if you don't know the level just yet. You are encouraged to change this over time as your groups progress. Lastly, add any notes to describe your group.

After creating the group, select your new group from the Groups page to open the individual group page. 


From here click on "Add or Remove Students" to assign students to the group.

Finally, if you need to Edit the group, you can click "Edit" from the top right of the page to open the same menu you used to create the group.