The Student Data page is one of the most useful features of GRō! Let's explore this page one section at a time.

Student Information

At the top of the screen is the student's current information. This includes their name, picture, Group assignment, Current Reading Level, the current Class Average, the student's End of Year Goal, and any special information, including whether they are an English Language Learner, have an IEP/504 Plan, etc.

Level History

The middle of the Student Page shows the Reading Level history for the student and the class average. The data is presented as a line graph, with the x-axis showing the previous 12 months and the y-axis showing the Reading Level scale. 

Understanding where the data for Level History comes from is critical to making the most of this tool:

  • Class Average data comes from the student's Current Level as entered on the Edit menu. For an explanation of the Edit menu, please go here.
  • Student Data is entered using the "Add Entry" button at the top right of the Level History.

An ideal workflow for the Level History is as follows:

  1. Assess the student for their current reading level.
  2. Update their Current Level using the Edit menu from the Student Data page.
  3. Add a new entry to the Level History chart.


At the bottom of the Student Page is a scrollable list of all the anecdotal notes collected during your guided reading lessons. You can also create additional anecdotal notes by clicking on "Add Note" at the top right of the Notes section.