adding anecdotal notes within a lesson plan

When you are teaching a lesson, choose "Show Student Notes" at the bottom left portion of the screen. This will reveal each of the students in the group.

Click on the student for whom you want to add a note (indicated by a green background) and choose "Edit" in the top right of the Student Notes section. This will allow you to type and save a note for that student. The list of students is scrollable, so if you do not see the student you are looking for, simply slide the list to the left or right. When you are done adding notes, click "Hide Student Notes" to return to the Lesson Plan.

adding ANECDOTAL notes on the Student info page

On the Student Info page, select "Add Note" at the top right of the "Notes" section. This will present a screen where you can add a new anecdotal note.

Choose the date and then type the note in the text box provided. When you are finished, tap "Save" and the note will be added to the collection of anecdotal notes for that student. Easy as that!